Tuesday Night Tunes – Nashville — Writers Round

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What an awesome weekend I had. Went to Nashville on the motorcycle to attend Storyline with Donald Miller. They did a great job and treated us to some fantastic music. Right up my alley for tonight. We were hosted at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. and I got a place to say that was about 3 blocks from the venue. I used AirBnb to get that done for cheap.

I will do my best to find some clips that will give you a bit of the vibe we had.

The first is a fun song called Pontoon. Natalie Hemby wrote this and she was the one singing for us. I found this one that gives you a taste of Saturday night. Natalie shows up in the clip at about 48 seconds. I got to hear her sing it solo in a theater that seated about 1000 put the crowd was a lot smaller. We were about 200 people sitting right up against the stage.

Steve Moakler was also there and he did some great stuff. The idea of a writers round was new to me and I just was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Steve told some of this story and sang the song. Imagine him up there on stage flanked by Natalie on one side and down the way was Travis Meadows. Check out Steve and stay tuned for Travis.

Travis Meadows gave us some really raw lyrics and a story to go with it. He shared this story too and more but I found this and it is really close to what we enjoyed that night.

All that is one ’round’. These folks gave us about 5-6 rounds so we got about 18 of their original best and all the stories that went with it. I tried to find more info on them and have linked what I could but it seems they are more behind the scenes even though they are great artists and musicians.

It’s late, I’m behind and doing my best to catch up from being gone so I am going to cut this short but I promise, there will be more to follow. One of my goals is to write more often and on a wider range of things so you might want to subscribe or do that rss feed thing.

I had a great time in Nashville and it might take me a while to get it all out but I think you’ll like it too. Check out Storyline and Donald Miller if you want to know more about the event before I get to share.

It was awesome!!

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One thought on “Tuesday Night Tunes – Nashville — Writers Round

  1. peachgeek

    Years ago, I went to a few writers’ rounds that Aaron Keys put together called Psalm Writers. Love how they decide which songs to do as a response to those who went before.

    This Storyline night was exactly as you describe. Great article about some great artists! Found a link to Travis Meadows’ Good Country People, which was the last in this round. I have to own all his music. Soon.