That stinks!!

I want to share something I just had the pleasure of doing. I got to get rid of some strong smells. Sometimes I get into a home that has some bad or strong odors that need to be eliminated. These odors can range from smoke (maybe from something burnt on the stove) to strong spices or bad pets. There is a device that will do an awesome job. The device is actually an ion generator and and creates ozone that can help clean the air and remove the odors that we are talking about.

It has to be used correctly but it truly works. This is not the same as the devices you see on TV or in some of those specialty stores but is an industrial device that really does a great job. They are expensive to buy (>$250) but they can be rented for a few days to take care of a temporary problem.  If you have a need for something like this then give me a call and we’ll help you get what you need.

It’s a good life,
Jerry Robertson