Get yourself an expert

I was having lunch yesterday at my favoite Chinese place and there were 4 people talking at the table next to me. Now I don’t know what business they were in but it was obvious that they were talking about a start up business that took some sort of annual subscription that they charged for. The discussion was amusing to me because is was a case of the blind leading the blind.

The discussion centered around whether to pro-rate an annual subscription or to charge the full price to someone who joined later in the year. Duh!! Who wants to pay full price for a 2 month period? No one that I could think of. Thankfully they settled on a compromise of charging only a 6 month fee to the poor sucker that joined in November. It still won’t work but at least they were thinking.

The whole problem centered around the fact that they did not know how to track the dates that someone joined using the spreadsheet they had and they were trying to get everyone on the same renewal schedule. I used to write software for a living and sometimes you can’t take the geek out of me.

I could hear the problem so clearly because I had been there. I guess after doing something for several years successfully I am an expert but it is not a field that I want to work in anymore. It did raise the point in my mind that you need to hire an expert sometimes. These people in the resturant need someone to create a DATABASE for them. It is simple today to hire someone to do a database for you and if you manage it right it will not cost you a fortune but enough of them. I hope they work out their problems but I can’t help them. It is not my field anymore. My expertise is in Real Estate now.

I help investors, sellers, buyers, developers and anyone with questions about real estate. I don’t do databases anymore. If you need help with a leaky faucet, call a plumber. Need your yard fixed? Call a landscaper. Have a sick tree? Call an arborist. My point is that we can do lots of things on our own but sometimes we just need some help. There are lots of people out there that want to help and frankly it will likely save money in the long run (or make more money).

I know lots of people who can help you with lots of things. I have plumbers, landscapers and arborists in my referral directory that can help you and would love to hear from you so check it out and call me if you have a need that I don’t have an expert for. I can find you someone that knows their business and can help you with yours.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry W. Robertson