Lower your Property Taxes…. maybe

We know the value of property in our area has declined. It has gone down for lots of reasons. Soft market, foreclosures, etc. That is not a good thing for sellers and property owners but there may be a little good news if you want to try and lower your property taxes.

In Gwinnett you have until 2 March 2009 to get the “Taxpayer’s Return of Real Property” form turned into the county at the Board of Assessors’ Office at 75 Langley Dr., Lawrenceville, GA 30045. This will start the process to lower your taxes. Click here for the info directly from the Gwinnett County website.

There are a few vendors offering to do this for you for a fee but you can do it yourself and save the money. You have to get the form in before 2 March or you miss the window this year but there is time.

Call me if you have questions or if I can help.

It’s a Good Life,
Jerry W. Robertson