Technology Tips for April

Here are some new websites and tools that you can use today.

Many Dream Of Owning Our Own Business: Starting a small business can be a scaryproposition. As a business owner the endless responsibilities and worries can be veryconfusing. The IRS has plenty of tools to help you get started. It is offering its Small Business Resource Guide exclusively online. The guide covers everything you need to know about starting a business. You’ll learn how to create a business plan and find funding. There is help no matter what stage your business is in. This site is a must for any business owner-new or seasoned!

Help For College Students Looking For Internships: College students will do well to plan for internships. Companies are already filling openings. An internship is the perfect way for students to get some experience and often puts grads at an advantage when they start job hunting. Interns will meet people who can help them in the future. Besides, many go on to accept full-time positions where they interned. CollegeRecruiter lists internships in many different fields. It is a good place for students to find internships that interest them. CollegeRecruiter also lists entry-level positions.

Need Your Cell Phone To Create PDF’s and Faxes: Your phone can’t really create PDFs or send faxes. It needs a little help in the form of Qipit to do these things. It only takes a minute to register with Qipit. Then, you’re ready to get started. Use your phone’s camera to snap a picture of a document or whiteboard. Forward the photo to Qipit via e-mail or text message. In a few seconds, Qipit converts the

photo to PDF. A copy is e-mailed to you. You can fax or e-mail the PDF directly from your phone. Just enter an e-mail address or fax number in the message body!

Resize Your Images Before Emailing or Posting: Do you need to resize your images before emailing them or posting to the Web? Or how about converting one file format to another? This is a terrific file viewer that lets you open and convert just about any type of image or picture file. IrfanView is a quick image editor. Best thing it is easy to use and Free! Once you download IrfanView, you’re ready to start. Click File>>Open and browse to your first photo. Or, drag your photo into the IrfanView window. It is recommend that you work with copies of photos rather than originals. That way, if you mess something up, you can just start over. To make a copy, right-click a photo in Windows Explorer. Select Copy. Then, right-click in the folder and select Paste. You’ll see a copy of your photo. Next, click Image>>Resize/Resample. You’ll see a number of different options for resizing your photo. In your situation, I would use inches to resize the photo.

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