Do you want a good deal on a foreclosure?? I found a way to make it even better!!

There is a program for owner occupant buyers that will provide $14,000 toward repairs and / or down payments on foreclosure properties and it applies to almost any one. There is an earnings ceiling but it is pretty high and this applies to any property that has been foreclosed on by most any lender.

Combine that with the $8000 tax credit if you are a 1st time home buyer and that is $22,000 in grant money that you do not have to repay. If the property needs more repairs then you can purchase it with a $203K Streamline loan and get $35,000 toward the repairs too and it can be fixed AFTER closing. Now we are up to $57,000 in money available to purchase and repair a home to great condition.

I can help you with the details if you or someone you know is interested in finding a real deal. We might even be able to find a property from HUD that you can actually buy for $100 down and you get a $1000 grant on top of that too.

There are real deals out there AND interest rates are still VERY low. These are not tricky loans or teaser rates and you do have to have a job and decent credit. Not perfect credit but decent credit.

Call me at 678-231-1578 if you are interested at all. I can help you find the right house and the best deal out there.

It’s a Good Life,
Jerry W. Robertson