Too big to Fail = Too big to Serve!!

We have all heard it. They are too big to fail!! We have to save them. Pour money into the problem and we just delay the solution.

I am not going to identify the guilty parties by name and if you are familiar with the circumstances you might be able to figure it out but that is not the point. My point is that there are some big companies out there and there are lots of incompetent people working for them that don’t get fired just because of inertia. I am not even sure it is incompetence but instead a total lack of caring. If you can’t be fired then maybe you don’t need to care.

I think that some of the big companies out there need to be downsized. I don’t mean that more people need to lose their jobs but rather some of the companies need to be broken up to the level that the folks that work there have to care.

I think Dave Ramsey said it well. Businesses are supposed to serve their clients, not milk them like a cow!! I feel like I have been milked and frankly I don’t like it. We are mooooving our business to a smaller company where I know the people and feel like we will be cared for. Now that is refreshing.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry W. Robertson

found this article from Seth Godin after I wrote this. Seems to be on point.. Check this out.

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