My mission – you can come too.

I am done with big companies as much as I can be. I will still shop at WalMart and will likely continue to use Fedex or UPS. There are some others out there that provide good service and maybe that will overcome the size of the company. I have a new goal however.

I will be searching out the small company that cares for its clients and customers. Ones who know the value of service and building a long term relationship. I will not willingly be abused in the future. I am even willing to pay more for good service, responsible use of resources and to see a budding entrepreneur flourish but my experience so far is that I am paying LESS to work with good people. Imagine that.

You can come along if you want. Just email me and tell me where you find great service or great products and help me meet the owners. If we all do this we can build a great network that will help us all.

I have created a new category called ‘Reviews and Recommendations’ and I plan to spotlight at least one business or service provider a week. You will find more people in my referral directory that I have trusted enough to include but I will be getting into detail in the blog.

I would recommend subscribing to this blog using the RSS links so you don’t miss anything. I am looking forward to meeting good folks and helping them build their business and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry W. Robertson

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