Gwinnett County Property Tax – it's going up!!

Is there any doubt that taxes are going to go up?? I don’t think so. This article from the Gwinnett Daily Post tells us how and why. It claims it is not the decline in property tax assessments but rather to cover the cost of increased police coverage for the whole county. 

I never assume I am being told the truth by our political parties but instead try my best to find out what is happening and as I learn more I will write about it here. One quote in the article says “We are undergoing a natural and unavoidable transition from high growth to maturity, and that change holds implications both for services we provide and the way we pay for them,” County Administrator Jock Connell said. “I should add that the current economic situation compounds our challenges but it is not a primary cause.”

It would be in all our interests to get involved, attend some meetings and listen carefully to what we are told. I tend to start from the premise that government is wasting resources due to lack of accountability and it is up to us to hold them accountable for how they spend the money we give them. 

Keep listening and let me know what you hear.

It’s a Good Life!!
Jerry W. Robertson

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