Technology Tips for July 9

Compare Auto Parts Costs: Unlike other shopping sites, Frugal Mechanic is dedicated to car parts. Select the make, model and year of your car. You’ll be presented with a list of auto parts categories. There’s also a box where you can search by part number. After you find your part, you can see prices at numerous auto parts sites. If you decide to buy a part, just click through.

Microsoft Windows 7 Release: Microsoft plans to release Windows 7 on Oct. 22. This poses a dilemma for computer buyers. Do you buy a new computer now, or wait until Windows 7’s release? Microsoft doesn’t want to deter customers from buying new computers. So, it has launched an upgrade program. It offered a similar program for Vista. Computers purchased June 26 or later qualify for a free upgrade. To qualify, a machine must be running Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate. You’ll get a comparable version of Windows 7.

Genealogy Can Be Interesting and Valuable: The Internet provides a wealth of information for genealogists. There is no one-stop spot for genealogists. The National Archives is an outstanding research site. You can access a variety of databases containing genealogical records. The National Archives also contain records that are not online yet. It’s site will help you track down copies of the records. You will find plenty of tips and advice for making the most of your search!

Making Plans For Your Trip: There is always so much to do before taking a trip. Plants, mail, cameras and packing will all need to be considered, plus more. Planning carefully before going on vacation may start by making a list of everything you need to do. Packwhiz can eliminate a lot of the pre-vacation stress. It helps you create a customized packing list. You can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection.Start by selecting some options for your trip. Packwhiz will generate a list based on your destination, transportation and accommodations.