Technology Tips for 30 July 2009

Here are the latest tips and sites I found. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends!!

Amazing Gigapixel Photography: It isn’t uncommon to see digital cameras with 12-megapixel or larger sensors. But check out gigapixel photography which is about one billion pixels. Gigapixel images are created by stitching hundreds of photographs together. The resulting panoramas are breathtaking! Gigapixel photography is typically used with wide, expansive subjects. However, one innovative photographer has combined gigapixel photography and microscopic imaging. The results are stunning. Click the images. They’ll open in the GigaPan viewer and then zoom in on portions of the photos.Prepare to be amazed!

Genealogical Research Is Very Interesting: Why not work on your family tree? You can do considerable research within websites. At this site find links to birth and death records, deeds and much more. The site is organized by state. So, it helps to know where your ancestors lived. But you’ll find clues as you do your research.

Google City Tours Helps Plan Visits To New Cities: You probably want to plan a trip carefully to a new area. Use Google’s new City Tours feature. City Tours puts together a travel itinerary for you. All you need do is enter your destination city! Along with your itinerary, you’ll get maps showing you where to go. In most cases, it will give you a three-day itinerary. Also, it only gives you an hour at each attraction. Check out each attraction with Google’s link to make sure you want to go there. City Tour itineraries are easily edited. So, you can add or remove attractions as you see fit.

It’s a Good Life!!!!
Jerry Robertson