Technology Tips for January 15, 2010

So, now we have WikiMapia:  As its name suggests, it has turned online maps into a wiki. That means anyone can edit the maps. If you notice an error, you can fix it. You can also add new streets or attractions. WikiMapia’s maps are also interactive.  There are also the satellite images we’ve come to expect.

Visit The Websites, Skip The Browser: There are a handful of sites that you visit every day. You check the news, your e-mail and maybe a few blogs. Perhaps you refer to an online calendar. Placing useful websites on your desktop takes up a lot of space. Actually, you only need portions of those sites. It would be handy if you could cut out those portions.  Snippage does just that. It’s actually a small Adobe Air browser. Use it to navigate to the site you want. Then drag and resize the Snippage box over what you want. Push the Shrink button and position it on your desktop. Free

Assess Your Energy Usage:  Also find ways to improve it and save money. The Department of Energy has tools to help you out. Start by doing an energy audit. See how much energy you’re using-and wasting. Then, check the tips to learn how to improve your home’s efficiency. This is also a great site to visit if you plan landscaping or remodeling.

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Technology tips courtesy of Rick DeLuca at the Real Estate Idea Club – thanks Rick!!

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