We have secrets and we’ll sell them for money

I got an email offering to sell me secrets. The top secrets of Real Estate Agents in the country. Should I buy them??

I don’t think so. See, I know they are not selling secrets, they are selling hope. Hope you never really have to work again. You just have to do what is in the secrets and you’ll make lots of money and get to sit on the beach.  It is not rational but it is human to want that.

You may not be a real estate agent but you know what I am talking about. Have you ever gotten a ‘check’ in the mail and once you open it you find out it is not a check. It was a trick.

Now I wonder, do they really expect to start a business relationship with us on a trick? I won’t. I want to be treated fairly and told the truth, not tricked into opening an envelope just to find out I am stupid enough to fall for a trick.

I am just on my soapbox a bit. I get tried of all the junk in my mailbox and lies on bill boards and radio ad or tv ads and I just felt the need to vent. I refuse to play the game anymore.

Want me to watch your commercial? Give me something of value for my time. Make me laugh or teach me something or show me a cool website that I can check out for myself but don’t yell at me or trick me into giving you my time. It won’t work anymore.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson