Technology Tips for March 1

How Much Influence Does Your Twitter Account Have: Klout allows you to track the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph.  They collect data about the content you create, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of your network.  From there, they analyze the data to find indicators of influence and then provide you with innovative tools to interact and interpret data.

Communicating With Groups: On Wiggio, you can share and edit files, manage a group calendar, poll your group, post links, set up conference calls, chat online and send mass text, voice and email messages to your group members.  Each group member can define how they want to keep informed of group activity.

More Usable Photo Editing Site: Photosynth creates a new experience with groups of photos.  Creating a synth allows you to share the photos you value using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control fo a video game, and the detail of the real world.

Convert Email to Text Message: AwayFind is a web application that finds your most important emails.  When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you with a cell phone call, SMS, IM, DM,(Twitter), or delegate the message to someone you specify.

Jot Down Notes: Your computer is a great place to jot down quick notes. You can copy a URL you want to remember. Windows comes with a handy program for taking notes. It’s Notepad. CloudPad is a good note-taking alternative. Write them up, give them a title and set their priority. You can also tag them with descriptive words and phrases. You can view them by priority level. You can search for both note titles and content. And you can easily locate common note tags through a tag cloud.

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