Getting ahead

I learned a few things from my son as I was teaching him to drive.

1. We always want to ‘get ahead’. He probably got this from me but I want to be in the front of the pack. I want to be #1 at the stop light so I can get on my way without waiting for the ‘stupid driver’ if front of me. (why is it that all the ‘stupid drivers’ are in front of me anyway?)

2. When I am focused on getting ahead I sometimes do dumb things. Did you ever change lanes just to be in the front of the pack and almost cause an accident or just find out you were in the right lane to begin with? Changing lanes just to get ahead can be dangerous or can set you back unnecessarily. Focus on your destination and getting there in one piece and it works out better.

3. When I pull up to the next red light and look around I see the same people all the time so maybe I did not get ahead after all; it just felt like it so all I managed to do was confuse action and motion. Try this tomorrow on your way to work; pick out a car or two and see if they aren’t with you when you get to the red light. If you’re honest, I’ll bet you they are.

4. Even if I get ahead by risking life and limb will I use the saved time responsibly or would I just waste it somewhere else watching TV or gabbing at the water cooler or Facebook-ing anyway? Just sayin……

Here is the point; focus on your destination, stay in your lane unless something bad is happening that you can actually see and don’t watch what everyone else is doing. You will likely get where you are going safely and if you enjoy the ride on the way more you might enjoy the destination even more than you expected.

Life can be a ‘rat race’ or a ‘walk in the park’. You get to decide how you feel when you travel through this life and I hope you pick the right one.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson