Our Town

I heard the song for the first time the other day. I was in the car listening to Pandora on my phone and playing it through my car speakers. I like James Taylor and I have a channel just for his style of music. Yeah, I know the sentence I just wrote tells you I am a geek but if it’s true it ain’t braggin’, is it?

The song is ‘Our Town’. It comes from the ‘kid’s’ movie Cars. Maybe I am just getting old but the life it talks about appeals to me. Our Town is a place we build. It is hard work and maybe some long hours but in the end I think it is what we strive for. It is Community. We lack that these days but I think it might be making a come-back.

It is a place where we work together to help each other, build relationships and build a community that is worth all the work. It is a place where your word means something. It is a place where we grow, learn and teach. It is a place where children learn values like honesty, integrity, hope, forgiveness, grace and a bunch of others worth having.  I want that again and I am going to work for it.

This will be the start. I have something I want to share with you. It is a directory of businesses and people who do a great job and work to live by those values I just mentioned. One by one I have added people to this list. They are the people I send my clients, family and friends to when they need help.  It is not complete however. I need your help. If there is someone who you trust to do a great job then I need their name and phone number. Call me or email me and we’ll talk with them. See, I don’t really want this to be ‘my list’. I want it to be ‘our’ list. Our Town.

The website is if you want to go there. I have about 70 connections there right now ranging from a few places to eat to a handyman, plumber, painter and lots of others. I am looking forward to seeing this town grow into something we can all enjoy.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson