Technology Tips for July

Instead; Channel Surf Around The World: You can watch music videos from Japan. Or you could catch the local news out of Baghdad. Livestation lets you do that and more. This program lets you stream live TV from around the world. The service has a partnership with several high profile stations. These include the BBC, Aljazeera English and France 24. Many channels on Livestation are news outlets. It’s interesting to see current events from a different point of view. There are also user-created streams. These are real channels from a number of countries. You can even stream radio broadcasts from other countries.You just might find a new favorite channel.  Free

Look Into The Milk Your Family Drinks: It’s been a while since America was an agricultural society. For most people, dairy products just magically appear on store shelves. How can you tell if a dairy product is local? Or maybe you’re trying to save money. Most stores sell both generic and brand name products. They actually might come from the same place. How can you check? Look into Where Is My Milk From.Just enter the code found on any dairy carton. The site will tell you which dairy the product came from. Also, you can see the other products that dairy makes.

Getting Rid Of Deleted Information: To get rid of files you can delete or drag them to the Recycle Bin. Files deleted that way aren’t really gone. Their space on the hard drive is just freed up for more data. Until that space is overwritten, your deleted data can be retrieved. And it can be retrieved fairly easily. For delicate information, it needs to be securely erased. EraserDrop puts a special icon on your desktop. Drag files to it, and they’re automatically deleted and overwritten. You can even choose between multiple methods of erasure. Stronger methods take longer. But the files will truly be unrecoverable. EraserDrop can also be installed on a thumb drive. You can carry it around wherever you go. You can securely erase files on any PC.   Free

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