Technology Tips for August

Control and Protect Personal Information: We all use out computers to manage personal information. Some of that information can be saved in browsers and other files, but that is not always a secure location. Take passwords and credit card numbers, for example.  It’s important to keep this stuff under lock and key. Identity Finder digs up stored passwords and credit card numbers. It searches your My Documents folder and your browsers. You may be surprised what you’ll find. This program comes in free and paid versions. The free version targets the most common hiding places. When installing, read the prompts carefully. Be sure to select the free version.

Protect The Children On The Internet: The Internet has a dark side. Some sitespromote hate and drugs. Others offer pornography, violence and gambling. You definitely want to protect your children from these sites. You can get a little peace of mind by installing parental control software.Blue Coat’s K9 Web Protection is a good free parental control program. It comes with a list of objectionable sites and regular updates. But you can customize the list. The program also lets you specify times when the computer can or can’t be used. And since it works through Windows, it doesn’t matter what browser you use.

Defrag A Better Way: You may keep your files well organized. But the way your hard drive stores data isn’t always so precise. Related data is often fragmented across different sectors of your drive. Half of a program or file may be in one place. The other half is somewhere else. Defragmenting reorders the data on your hard drive. It’s an attempt to pull related data together. Windows has a built in defragmenter. But using it can take up a lot of your processing power. Auslogics Disk Defrag Screen Saver replaces your screen saver. It automatically starts when you’re not using your computer. When you come back, it suspends itself. It’s never using processing power you’d like to use elsewhere. Free:

Healthy Living On Purpose: Healthy living doesn’t happen by accident. It requires proper eating and regular exercise.  Tracking and calculating calories can get to be a hassle. HotCal makes it simple to record diet and exercise. Just put in the food you ate or an activity. Calories are calculated automatically. The food function also calculates fat, carbs and protein. You can easy track your progress with automated graphs. Free:

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