Why do I work by referral??

There are lots of answers to that question and it depends on your perspective. From my perspective it means that I get to work with great people. Usually it’s people who know me or know of me from someone who referred me. It is a great way to be able to serve people who really need my help when they need it the most. The truth though is that it’s not about me. It’s about my clients.

Most of the people in my business spend most of their time making cold calls or calling expired listings in the process of finding their next deal. A lot of what they do is based on a transaction instead of a relationship. My goal is to build life long relationships and to work hard for the people that are referred to me.

I also have built relationships with local trades and craftsmen who do a great job from cutting hair to cleaning carpet. Plumbers, handymen, pet sitters, chefs and a lot more are in the referral directory. Check it out.

There is a lot more to this so if you have a minute and want to know how this works for you please download the latest item of value and spend a few minutes with it to find out more by clicking on this month’s Item of Value.

So far my business this year is 94% referral and for my entire career it has been 97% referral. Pride is not usually a good thing so to say I am proud is not the way I think of it. I am humbled to know that my friends, family and clients are willing to refer business to me and I will NEVER take that for granted. This is a tough time for a lot of people and buying or selling a house is a big job in any market so please let me know who needs help.

I do a lot of work with distressed sales for pre-foreclosure and short sales as well as working with buyers searching for great deals in this market. I can also sell a home that is not distressed but whose owners are looking to make a change or take advantage of the great deals that exist with interest rates at record lows and prices that were just thought to be impossible a couple of years ago.

We sold over 5 million homes in the US last year. 5 Million. Lenders are loaning money to people that can pay it back and houses are selling. Inventory is down from a year ago and I believe we are going to see a housing shortage as we sell off the inventory we have and the builders are still on the sidelines. We need about 1.2 million new homes every year just to keep up with the growth in population and the replacement of the old inventory we have in this country. Much of the inventory is over 50 years old and will need replacing.

Call me if I can help or you know someone thinking about making a change. Don’t forget we also have great people in the referral directory that can help with the jobs around the house so check that out too.

Thanks for listening.

Jerry Robertson
Keller Williams Realty