Technology Tips for August 12

I have a few new tech tips for you. There are lots of cool and useful things on the web and I hope you find these helpful.

Putting Leftover Meal Ingredients To Use: Many times there seems to be ingredients left over from every meal. It is wasteful to throw away the left over’s for no other reason then it costs money. But it can be difficult deciding how to use the leftover ingredients.Simply enter some of the ingredients you have lying around in FoodPair. The Website comes up with recipes using those ingredients. The search results can be extensively filtered. You can restrict the entire dish to a certain number of ingredients. Or, select the type of dish you want to create. Recipes are pulled for a number of high-quality cooking Websites.

What Is The Origin of Our Names: Names are a pretty important part of our identity. Parents often struggle to find the “perfect” name for their newborn. If you are interested in names check out BehindTheName.  It lists the meaning and origins of tons of names. These origins can sometimes go back to Ancient Greece. And many names have meanings you wouldn’t expect. You can categorize names by nationality or mythology. There are also lists of popular names and random name generators.

Finding A Better Deal: It can be hard to cut certain expenses out of our life. Maybe just need to find a better deal. That is the goal of BillShrink. This free Website gathers your spending information for a number of areas. This includes cell phone plans, television service, credit cards and fuel use.It then combs through a database of service plans and options. You are presented with alternatives that can save you money instantly. And you won’t have to change your usage patterns. BillShrink can also send you regular e-mail updates. It will let you know if better service options have become available.

Another School Year Is Approaching: One of the largest expenses is textbooks. Many times they can’t be sold back at the end of the semester. It may be better to rent them instead. You find your textbooks online from Bookrenter’s huge selection. Then, you can rent the book for a fraction of the cost of buying. The book is sent to you via UPS. The renter chooses how long to rent and at the end of the rental period sends it back. Repeat the process for the next round of books. The Website has helpful guidelines for you to follow. You will be charged for damaged books.

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