The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!! Again.

If all you do is watch the news on TV or read what is left of the newspapers, you can start to believe that the sky is falling.

Under the topic of ‘you find what you look for’, here is a report that has a little good news looking forward. It covers the positive outlook for the next 4 years in 52 markets. We have #11 (Columbus, GA) out of 52 markets that will see a recovery in the next 4 years. Markets are local but they are not isolated so we are going to see similar numbers in Atlanta.

I will admit to anyone that asks, the real estate market has been tough but we still sold over 5 million homes last year in this country and we have a pretty active market right now. About 40% are distressed sales but that leaves 60% that aren’t.

Selling now takes a lot of work, willingness to sacrifice some of the perceived value of property and if you can do that you will likely be able to meet your goals and sell that house you don’t want or need anymore. The good side is that the other sellers have to do the same thing the buyers are getting the deals. Interest rates are at record lows and that makes housing affordable. Very affordable.

I am talking to people everyday that are selling or getting ready to sell in this market and take advantage of the opportunity to purchase their next house. Downsizing, seeking a home closer to work or just looking for a change can be very rewarding so if you are even considering the idea please call me. I can help you sort through the bad news and find the good news for your situation.

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