Technology Tips for 20 August 2010

Get A Tape From Your Calculator: Try using Moffsoft FreeCalc. It is much like the calculator in Windows, minus more advanced features. It does create a tape of your calculations. You can print the tape out or save it if you like. There are other features you’ll like in the calculator. For example, it has a visible memory value. You can see what’s stored in the memory in one quick glance. Free

Better Sharing Of Large Files: Music, photos and videos, files today are larger than ever.  E-mail still has file size limits. Check out Select up to 2 gigabytes of files you want to transfer. Specify the recipient’s e-mail address and an optional message. Then click Transfer. The files will be uploaded to the site’s secure server. Your recipient can then download them whenever they wish. Free

Employee Time Clock On Your Computer: Employees can check in and check out easily. The program will generate handy labor reports. It will run on hardware you now have. Time Clock MTS will help you keep your employee time and pay records. It is easy to set up and administer. That makes it much more cost-effective. The free version can record up to three employees. For more than that, you’ll need the paid version. The startup screen asks you to buy the full version. But that goes away after the 30-day trial is up. It reverts to the free version after that.

A Better Photo Re-sizer: Often we need different image sizes. You might have to shrink the photo or make it bigger. With Image Resizer you can resize photos in groups. This small program installs in most versions of Windows. You just have to right-click a photo or group of photos. Then, select Resize Pictures. You will get a screen with some preset image sizes. Click the Advanced button to enter a custom image size.The program automatically makes a copy of the photo to resize. Free

Hope you find something that can help you get more done. Thanks for the time you took to read this and remember, I am never too busy for your referrals.

Jerry Robertson
Associate Broker for Keller Williams
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