I could use some good news…

I am on a news fast since they only feed me the bad stuff. I decided a long time ago to stop listening to the talking heads because their job is to get me to stay tuned through the commercials / ads and it wasted too much of my time.  The stories just made me want to get a Rx for an anti-depressant.

Now I am not uninformed but I CHOOSE what I read and listen to more carefully. I know, the advertisers hate me but that is the way it goes. Since the creation of Tivo and other DVR type devices I see almost no ads or stuff that makes me discontent with what I have. (It’s funny but as I sit here writing this I am listening to Chris Rice and his song Good News on my Itunes. It was not intentional but I think it funny what happens around us even without us realizing it.)

One of the things I get via my Google Reader is a blog from Eldon Mast in Colorado that is called The Good News Economist. The latest article is close to my heart in Real Estate. He has some Bullish Signs for Housing. Check it out if you have a few minutes and then check out creating your own Google Reader page and get the news you want. BTW, don’t forget to add this blog to your Reader. You’ll get these updates as soon as they happen. 🙂

Have a great Monday and don’t forget, I am NEVER too busy for your referrals. I am here to help.

Jerry Robertson
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