Technology Tips for September 20

Help Preserve Food From Your HomeGarden: Home gardens are popular during summer. Fresh produce is delicious. You can preserve food from your garden for later. The NationalCenter for Home Food Preservation has tons of information to help you preserve the food you grow.You’ll find tips for canning, freezing, drying and smoking. There are instructions for preserving most common food types. And it also includes current food safety information.

Print Customized Calendars For 2011: CalendarLabs features a tool to help you print customized calendars. You can print yearly or monthly calendars. You can add holidays to your yearly calendar, or, you can add a photo to your calendar.

Duplicate Files Waste Space: This is especially true of large digital photo or music collections. Fortunately, sorting and comparing files happens to be a specialty of computers. CloneSpy is a free program that can find and delete duplicate files. CloneSpy finds and reports duplicates even if they bear different file names. CloneSpy also catches files identical in name only. You might, for example, have different versions of the same document. Be careful with this program. If you’re unsure about a file or duplicate, keep it on your hard drive. Free

Flexible Contact Management Tool: Most e-mail has comprehensive contact management tools. But what if a contact doesn’t have e-mail? Or what if you don’t want to be tied to a single service? Give ContactKeeper a try. You can quickly create new entries for each contact. You can add addresses and birth dates for each contact. There’s even a birthday reminder function and a calendar. Contact information can be exported to a text file or HTML. Note that the dates are in European format by default. You can change it by clicking Options>>Date. Free

Help In Setting Up A New Computer: Here is a comprehensive database of quality free software. Select the programs you want to install. Then click the Get Installer button.Run the installer and it will list the programs you selected. Click the Start Download button, and they’ll all be downloaded and installed. Most of the installations won’t require any interaction on your part. You can also run it later to find updates for the programs. And it includes an uninstaller as well. During the initial run, the program asks to be enabled during startup. You don’t need it to start automatically.  Free

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