How much is doing a great job worth?

I just got a great email. Check this out:

Jerry, we can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to have you to come to for any problem we have, big or small!  We absolutely love, love, love being able to call you up or access the website to get a reliable business to come take care of our needs. The contractors we have used through the network have been absolutely FABULOUS!  They are here when they tell us they will be, or call if they need to be late. Anything we ask for, they are sure to provide it; what wonderful businessmen!  We know you will do a fantastic job for us when we list our house. This is truly what service was meant to be!

Thanks so much for your help!!  Keep us in mind whenever you have someone in need of pet care.
Lisa and Ray Chaney

How cool is that?? I have lots of folks in the referral directory that are here to do a great job and I just wanted to remind you that they are here. Even if you have a need for someone that is not in the directory please call me. I have lots of resources to find great people you can trust. Call me anytime you need help with finding a great referral.

Thanks for the time,

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell