Technology Tips for October 15th

New Fonts Without Computer Slowdown: Every computer comes with dozens of fonts. Using the right font can make a creation stand out. That’s where FontFrenzy comes in handy. It lets you enable and disable fonts. The disabled fonts are moved to another location. They won’t clutter your computer, but they’re there if you need them. You can also save and load font snapshots. This is a list of all the fonts that are active. It’s great if you always use certain fonts for certain projects. You can just load up just those fonts with one click. Note that there are some fonts you won’t be able to disable. These are fonts Windows requires to run properly. If you can’t disable a font, there isn’t anything wrong with the program. Free

White Collar Crime Information: White-collar crimes usually involve fraud. They can affect thousands of people and involve billions of dollars. The FBI has an entire division that specializes in white-collar cases. And it has a Website with a ton of information. You’ll find listings on every type of white-collar crime. There are also details on how the frauds and scams work. It can help you avoid getting tangled up in one. Read stories about cases the FBI has cracked. Get information on currently wanted fugitives. And find out how to report a fraud to the FBI.

Protection For Your Laptop: To a thief, your laptop is a shiny, portable payday. LAlarm is like a car alarm for your laptop. When in public and you need to leave your computer for a minute you need to lock your computer. Just press Windows Key + L. If your power adapter is unplugged, an alarm sounds at full volume. It can’t be turned off without logging back in.Now, not everyone plugs in their laptop everywhere they go. You can also use a thumb drive as the trigger. If it’s removed while the laptop is locked, the alarm sounds. You’ll have to attach the drive to something else. Free

Another Easy Weekly Planner: With Weekis you just type in a task, a colon and a date or day. The site adds the task to your list. A quick glance lets you see what is coming up. Click the Done button on any task to hide it. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You need to sign up for a free account to access your list from other computers.

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