Happy Birthday, Celeste!!

I want to share someone with you. She has made my life better. Celeste Reeves is my trainer. She is also my wifes trainer and she may have saved our lives. I suspect I will have more birthdays because of her and I am certain that the birthdays I have will be better. Today is her birthday and I just want to say thanks for all she has done.

Susan and I have lost over 100 pounds over the last year and that is the direct result of working with Celeste. Her encouragement, training and patience has resulted in the loss of the weight and the change in thinking that allowed it to happen.

People ask me all the time ‘what are you doing to lose the weight?’ and my answer has been ‘I decided’. I decided to do something different than I did for the first part of my life. I decided to work with a trainer and to get serious about my health.

The question of time comes up too. I don’t always feel like I have the time to do this but then I think that maybe I don’t have the time to die either. I would rather give up a couple of hours a week to work out than to give up all the hours in a week to death. I know that sounds a little dramatic but I believe that was the choice I made.

Enough. I really just wanted to share Celeste with you all and tell you how to get in touch with her. You can find her at her website and you can call me if you want to get her number.

It is hard work and it is a change in how I live but it’s worth it. Don’t wait if you think it’s time for you to decide too. Call her. She can help.

Thanks for listening.

Celeste, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you have many more!!

Jerry Robertson

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