We are in Atlanta. We have about 8 inches of snow, a little ice on top of that and sub-freezing temperatures for a few more days. The weather reporters are freaking out (do we really need an extra hour of news to cover this??) and I have heard other names like ‘the winter of northern aggression’ and ‘another day we have to make up in the school year’.

It’s been fun but I think I am headed out tomorrow to work in the office, do some paperwork and see if the roads are safe enough to show a few houses. We are about out of bread and milk and ARE out of pop tarts and beer. The mail has not been delivered for two days and I am not sure it will make it tomorrow. School is out tomorrow too!!

I hope you enjoyed the break if you are down here and enjoyed the laugh at our expense if you are not. I have to say that I have not shoveled snow in 16 years and I hope it takes another 16 before I do it again but it was a way to get my cardio in today!!

Have a great 2011 and get back to work!

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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