Caught doing good…

I don’t know his name but he works on a trash truck in Gwinnett Co. I was following it this morning up Bogan Rd in Buford and watched them work as I was stuck behind them for a few minutes. Same old routine. Pick up the can, dump it, put it back. Again and again.

All the cans were on the roadside and close at hand until they got to one house. The can was still in the carport. I wondered why the guy was running from the street to the carport and then I saw him reach in the trash can, grab two bags out of it and run back to put them in the truck. Amazing in this time of just doing the minimum to keep from getting fired.

If I knew his name and could call him I would, just to say thanks. It wasn’t even my trash but he made me smile for his extra effort. Give more than you take. That will help us get where we need to be.

Hope your week is going well and you find something that makes you smile today.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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