Please stop the bus. I want to get off… I think.

The birds rock.
cosmonautirussi via Compfight

I have a recurring dream. I think it might be turning into a nightmare but I’m not sure yet.

I am on a bus. It’s a nice bus as buses go. Nice seats, air conditioning that works, small flat screen entertainment distraction in front of me, sound system, decent food, beverages. It’s nice, for a bus. I have a feeling I don’t want to be on the bus though and I am not sure how to get off of it. I don’t think I like where it’s going.

I’ve been on the bus a very long time. Almost 60 years. Every four years we get to pick a new driver. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. No matter who is driving it seems like all they have control over is the speed we are going. I see other roads peeling off the road we’re on and some of them look interesting but we’re stuck on this one moving at a pretty good clip right now.

I see some areas big enough to turn around in and go back the way we came but that seems really hard to turn this big bus around. I’m not sure we could go back but it seems like a better idea than to continue the way we’re going. Off in the distance I see what looks like a huge chasm. Kind of like the Grand Canyon or a cliff over looking the ocean. Not a good place for the bus or the people in it. At any speed.

The driver keeps saying that “We’re ok. Relax and let me drive” but I’m not buying it. I didn’t buy it with the last driver and I’m not buying with this one but we keep moving in the same direction. Toward the cliff. Over the edge.

I want off the bus. I think. I’m not sure where I would go if I was off the bus but it has to be better than falling off the cliff. I feel like the driver is lying to me. We’re not OK. The bus is comfortable enough for now but it’s not going to end well if we don’t change direction. If the driver doesn’t start telling us the truth. The truth matters.

I still have a couple of the books I talked about earlier. Andy Andrews wrote “How to you kill 11 million people“. If you want one, call me or email me and I’ll get one into your hands. Maybe you can help me stop the bus and turn it around or change the direction somehow. I need some help.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson