A Williams Cleaner – a gift

So I was out today checking on properties in East Point sort of down by the Atlanta airport. I bumped in to a couple of guys that I thought were utility workers locating cables or something in the yard of the house I went to go see. As I got out of the car I discovered they were using metal detectors to find buried treasure.

Williams Cleaner

As we talked some more the fellow I was talking to pulled out a 1948 Roosevelt dime and showed it to me. Real silver. Not worth much but it’s a hobby for him. Then he produced a Williams Cleaner and asked me if I knew what it was. I sort of did. I knew looking at it that it was a mini bullet from the Civil War. He had found it not too far from where we were standing. As we talked he explained that white coating is a patina that should not be removed and that it was a .58 caliber bullet used to clean out debris and lead from the barrel of a Union rifle. He made sure I knew what it was called so I could look it up. (he pointed at my shirt that said Keller Williams and said ‘Williams Cleaner’ like your shirt, so I would not forget).

Then he gave it to me. A gift. Unexpected to say the least. I guess it’s probably worth even less that the dime he showed me but it made me smile and it’s sitting on my desk right now.  A little bit of history. Lead. It’s beat up pretty badly and appears to actually have been fired. It’s deformed and appears to have rifling marks on it from the barrel. I’m guessing it missed or it would not have been in the ground but I won’t know that for sure.

It got me to thinking about the Civil War. I have had this thought lately that just maybe the USofA is not going to survive much longer. We are possibly the oldest single government in the world right now and that does not bode well for us. I can see where we are likely to collapse under the debt that we have accumulated and that means that we could just fail and fail quickly.

So what happens to us if that happens? I suspect Georgia would protect her borders. We have a militia, a police force and a government. I guess we might become 49 states and Texas. Little or no federal government. Maybe we get to start over.

I suspect currency will have to look different for a while if that happens. Gold, silver, cereal bars, water, gasoline. Even lead might become a precious metal for a while but I would hope not for long.

We seem to be becoming a democracy more so than a republic. You do know we are a republic don’t you? We’re not a democracy. Majority rules is not a good thing always. What if the Majority is wrong? If you don’t know the difference then it’s easy to find out. Google and Wikipedia will help. Try it.

If you want to make a difference then check out and see what you find there. It’s interesting. Hope you find something there you can chew on for a while.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson