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I just got back from Mega Camp with KW in Austin, TX. Everything is bigger in Texas it seems.

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The theme was  interviews and Q/A with agents that had doubled their sales in the last year. They are not bragging but instead they are sharing about how they did it so you can do it too. That is one thing I love about Keller Williams. There is a sincere desire to help make everyone better in our business. To be better agents, better brokers, better sales people. To be better at serving our clients and to enjoy our business more.

This seems to fit in with a theme I’ll be digging into some more and sharing here about our responsibility as those that are successful to help those coming behind us. The idea spreads a lot deeper than just real estate. I had a great trip to Austin and met 2 really interesting people on the planes I rode in.

One going out that shared a book with me called Bridges out of Poverty. I have to read it but the gist is that a mentor program to help the chronically poor learn how to succeed is a great way to break the cycle of poverty. It requires those who have successfully navigated to a good living or making a lot of money need to share. Not share their money but rather to share how they did it. To help others do it too.

I saw that played out at Mega Camp and it simply is a beautiful picture of how this could work in just about any environment.

Second was a person who does not agree with me on everything but shared his love of books and writing with me and engaged in thoughtful conversation instead of emotional defense. Loved it and I hope we continue to talk. He shared a lot of books I have never heard of and I guess I did the same for him. More to come on that one too I’ll bet.

This whole trip seemed to be orchestrated to show me that the divided-ness of our current culture does not have to be this way. It’s not ‘us and them’ but more like ‘we’ and fixing it will take thoughtful conversation that moves to action to make a difference.

I won’t even use the word ‘compromise’ because that seems to have some really negative connotations. It stings a bit when I say ‘bi-partisan’ too. I don’t think we have two sides to make anything ‘bi-partisan’. Partisan is not a good thing from what I can see and having two of them just seems to be worse.

I am excited to see where the books I have to read take me but that is the start.

Stay tuned.

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