Only in Washington DC

When is a budget cut not a cut?

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I am frustrated by the way Washington works. Here is a bit more about the ‘base line’ budgeting that we are talking about in the fiscal cliff. You do know that the budget cuts they are squawking so much about really aren’t cuts?

Check this out.

Only in Washington

Maybe this is why 90,000,000 people did not vote in the last election. That is 42% of the population that did not vote. I guess I would like to see the 80/20 rule apply and get about half of those to vote next time.

We need real reform in Washington and I don’t think that includes very many of the current crop of Senators, Representatives or really any one that works there today. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that they are there to serve, not create a kingdom to rule over.

Truth matters and it is available to anyone that wants to look. Don’t trust anything you see on the news without digging in for the truth.

BTW, I am not endorsing anyone or any website at this point. Just reading for myself and found the one above to be insightful.

The truth matters.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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