Tuesday Night Tunes – Spazmatics??!!

2013-09-20 07.54.48

Ok, not my usual sort of music but something you just have to stretch out of your comfort zone. Check these guys out!! The Spazmatics!!

I was in Austin with several agents and leaders from my office and we joined 13,500 other KW agents (and a few others from Remax and Coldwell Banker) to meet and learn from each other. The venue was the convention center in I suspect the largest space they had. Lots of chairs, lots of people and lots of great speakers.

The video is from a venue called Cedar Street in Austin. Open air, basically a courtyard about 30 feet wide and it was about 150 feet long I think. Hard to tell with it full of people. Did I say it was full? There was NO space between me and the people around me. Did I say it was outside? In Austin? In September? Did I say it was 90 degrees plus? No air movement when you’re in the spit zone either. I was about 3 people from the stage and then these guys came out.

It was a blast!! It was loud and funny. It was hot and sweaty. I had a great time. Thanks to Jennifer for getting us all there. I will say that about half way through the second set I had enough. There was a fair amount of alcohol flowing and I began to get stepped on (hard) and having to defend ‘my territory’ a bit too much so I headed back to the house but honestly, I would do it again. Just good and funny.

The video doesn’t do it justice but the sound is surprisingly good for a phone camera but then the sound level was probably about 120db (jet engine is about 110db at 100 meters). If you get a chance to check these guys out I recommend it. You might want some ear plugs for self defense though. I still have some ringing in my ears 🙂

I did see that there appears to be several guys that perform so I guess it might be sort of a franchise. They seem to be local to an area but then they also see to show up in various places.

As far as the convention (called MegaCamp) it was great too. I learned a lot of new things and some ideas to bring to my business. Most importantly it is a chance to get your attitude adjusted and  your compass centered up.

Here are a few quotes I wrote down.

I’m not a morning person but I behave like one.

Success leaves clues. So does failure.

Roll over your lack of accomplishment and you’ll fail

If you don’t make money investing in a house, it’s not the houses fault.

OK, that’s enough for tonight. Have a great week and stay tuned. I hope to be writing a bit more often so you should have a little more to think about.

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