Tuesday Night Tunes – Empty Northern Hemisphere

Polar Mesospheric Clouds Over Tibetan Plateau (NASA, International Space Station, 06/13/12) NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via Compfight

From Nashville. I was there a couple of weeks ago and got to hear Gregory Alan Isakov at the Mercy Lounge. The ticket was a gift from Donald Miller as a part of a special night. Dinner was catered and we got a chance to meet some folks there were arriving to spend the weekend at Storyline. Check this out and stay tuned for a bit more on Storyline.

It took a while for the mood to set but as he sang more and more it mellowed out. It was cool the interaction between him and the crowd. Our group swelled the crowd by about 100 people and I suspect no one in our group knew much about him but it was obvious that many there did. It was almost a conversation. Gregory and his group were ready for requests and stories that made the crowd happy. Really happy. I saw most folks standing and swaying or huddled together and quietly dancing.

Here is another song I found with some better quality of sound so you can get a better sense of what I heard that night.

I saw a few folks distracted by cell phones and taking pics but not many. Most were just immersed in the experience. That thought reminded me of something I saw this week. We live distracted from each other. Technology mostly and phones are a huge part of that. Check this out.

I have to admit, I’m guilty of stuff like this. Not so much the pictures but absolutely the reading or checking emails. Susan won’t let me bring the phone into a restaurant with me. We even teach our friends that it’s expected for us to be available 24/7. At Storyline I made a decision I was not going to be distracted by technology and I literally turned my phone off for hours at a time. No phone, no text, no email for maybe 180 minutes. 3 hours.

I remember turning it back on during one break and I had an agent that left two voice mails, sent me numerous texts and left emails. She even called my broker!! My outbound message said I was not available and to call an agent I had arranged to cover for me but she wanted to deliver an offer on one of my listings and it was full panic mode when I could not be reached.

It all worked out and I was able to get things under control (I was off the grid again several times with the same sort of result) but it highlighted to me the stuff we do to ourselves that keep us from engaging.

Try it sometime. Turn off your phone for 1 hour. 60 minutes and don’t look at it or turn it on for anything. Engage with a friend, read a book (not on your Kindle 🙂 ) and see what happens. You just might find a whole new life is out there.

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