Sunday Sermons? – Give a Cup


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Great day at 12Stone today. We announced the Christmas Initiative and a bit more. PK talked about Giving as a way to healing his marriage. To give more than you get. It is a mindset that overcomes selfishness in our lives. To give a cup of water. PK talked about Adam and Eve at the event that changed everything. Adam blamed God for giving him Eve. “It was that woman you gave me” he said. Adam tried to be a victim but we all try that. We blame our spouses, our bosses, our friends, the weather, our kids and a glut of other excuses.

One of my favorite definitions of excuse is ‘the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie‘. It looks like a reason but it’s not. The truth is we are in control of what we think and do. If we blame things outside of ourselves we allow victimhood to control us. Everybody has bad things happen to them. Things don’t go the way we want and we have a choice. To do what we can or to complain.

Do what you can. Make better choices and you can get yourself out of where you are IF you believe you are not a victim. If you are where you are because of the choices you have made then you can learn to make better choices.

Sometimes all we need is one good idea. If you have tried everything you know how to do and are still stuck, all you need a one good idea. Try this. Say to yourself “I know I’ve tried everything  but if there was something I could try that I haven’t tried, what would it be?” It’s goofy but I can tell you, it works.

I am trying to find a house for one of my clients right now and it is just not happening. What we are looking for is just not out there on the market. I wondered what I could do besides waiting for it and asked myself that question.

So the idea was to go back 2 years and look at old, expired listings that did not sell and contact the listing agent and see if they are ready to sell now. No news yet but I have had lots of good conversations with agents and it might work to find a lead that solves the problem. Just one good idea.

Don’t give up. Never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill) is how we work best. Don’t quit until something changes. Just one good idea.

If you want to talk about finding a new idea for some problem, call me. I may not have the idea you need but I can listen to you talk through it and ask questions. I would love to help.

It’s a good life.

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