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“Be careful how you interpret the world, it is like that” – Erich Heller

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NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via Compfight

That’s a quote from the book I am reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. I used to be an engineer. Some would say I still am but the best way I can put it is I am a recovering engineer. Back when I worked as an engineer I hated when a sales type would say ‘Perception is Reality’. I thought I knew the truth and that reality was reality regardless of your perception. I saw it one way.

I no longer believe that.

What I believe colors what I see. If I am down, tired and focused on myself my world is gray and moves between black and white. My options are limited by what I can see with my own eyes and frankly, few people want to be around me when I am like that.

However, if I am upbeat, looking for the positives and optimistic then I see more colors and less black and white. I see more opportunity in life and when people want to meet up with me and share a coffee or lunch I get great input and more options to expand what I can see.

It’s even better if I focus on others instead of me. If I make it about others I found out that they tend to make it about me. Truly a symbiotic relationship. The more I give the more they give and our world is better for all.

Back to the book for a minute, Keller says there is One Thing in each part of our life that if we do it will make everything easier or unnecessary. Our No. 1 goal is to find that thing. Our life is made up of circles. Areas like Spiritual, Family, Business, Financial and Personal. I can’t go into all of it here but the idea is to simplify as much as possible and that is to find the One Thing that when you do it makes other things work better. Read the book.

Simplify is the key. Learn to say NO and focus on the things that are truly important not just urgent.

To help show you a simpler way I found this video / song. Check it out.

Hope you enjoy it and please comment your thoughts below. Would love to get a discussion going.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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