Limited resources, handle with care.

Energy and will power.


Limited resources, handle with care.

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I am finding that my afternoon today is sluggish. Got to bed last night a little late and was awakened at 2am by the neighbor’s car alarm. Then it seemed to be about every hour that car alarm went off again. Lots of interruptions to a good night’s sleep.


I read in The One Thing that one of the lies in life is that will power is on will call. That is absolutely a lie. I was up early and at the gym by 7am today. Off from there to a meeting at 9 in Duluth, GA and then to some errands. By the time I got done with everything it was 2:30 and I am sitting here at 5:30 after getting a bunch of paperwork done and some docs signed. Feels like a pretty full day and I am not finished but I might be done.


Do you know the difference between ‘done’ and ‘finished’? My children taught me the difference. When sent to clean their room or mow the grass, they would go do it and then come back and tell me they were done. Now being a good parent I would go check and make sure. You know, trust but verify. You might have guessed that the room was not as clean as I had hoped and the edging might not be not done on the yard.


The result was my lesson.


‘Done’ meant ‘I’m not doing any more’ and ‘Finished’ meant ‘there is no more to do’. Two very different things.


So my day might be ‘done’.


Small group starts in about an hour and then I can call it a day when that is over. That stretch between 5-5:30 was tough. Found my mind wandering and unable to really focus on anything until the idea to write hit me. Energized me. Perspective changed my energy level and focus came but it had to be to do something I really wanted to do. Writing is energizing for me it seems. Music helped too. Turned on Google Music and picked the ‘folk music’ radio station and started hearing things that helped. Right now Neil Young is playing Heart of Gold.


So after we finished small group I had to do a couple of things for a client and respond to a text but I was ‘done’ after that. I had no more will to power through with.


One thing I have noticed, when I get to that point I just want to veg out, watch some TV and eat something. My default when my will power is gone is chocolate. Probably not the best choices for my goal of weight loss and my goal of reading more.


My current thought is I may need to just shut down and go to bed instead of staying up. More sleep would probably do me good.


What are your thoughts?? Comment below is you have something to say.


Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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