A little bit of splendor – what are you doing with yours?

No mind contains the splendor of all that you are.


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Those are some of the words to ‘Greater Than All’ by Hillsong. We were singing that at 12Stone Sunday and it got me to thinking. No single mind contains the splendor but maybe our collective minds get closer to containing it. Maybe that’s why we are designed for community. We are social creatures aren’t we?


Here is a video of Hillsong. I got to see them last week in concert at Gwinnett Arena too. Check out the song and keep reading.



What if we each carry a small bit of God’s splendor with us. What if it’s our responsibility to share it with others? What if it’s part of our story? There are about 7 billion bits of God splendor in the world today and many more bits that have passed on to heaven and are awaiting the new earth to come. There are many more to come as we await Jesus return.


I suspect our bit has to be developed in us. I don’t know that we can understand the bit a splendor that we are born with but our understanding grows as we get older and gain experience with each other, the world and with God himself.


My pastor says that this life is like college in a lot of ways. We are preparing for what is to come. Real life is coming and we are growing up getting ready. While we are here we can get confused about life and begin to make the mistake that this is real life. This life ends for all but our life continues into eternity.


I believe God is working quietly in the ‘classroom’ preparing us for graduation and all the while we are growing in our knowledge and understanding of the bit of His splendor that he has entrusted to us. I wonder too if it not up to us to decide what we do with it. God provides it and gives us some boundaries but we are responsible to experiment, to test and create using what God provides. Sometimes the experience doesn’t turn out the way we want but we get to keep trying and learning. That is a thought I got from the #StoryLine conference that I attended in September. I’m still working through most of that but it is a great journey.


If God was too involved in the creation of it we would miss out on some of the lessons and I suspect it would look different than if He encourages us to use our free will in ways that please us as well as please Him. A joint venture and sometimes it feels like we are alone. We are working through some highs and lows and gaining wisdom as we go.


I’m going to be working on this idea for some time to come but wanted to share it with you. It helps me to write it out and I am happy to share it even if it’s not perfected.  I would really like to hear your thoughts. You can comment below or just call me and we’ll talk.


Remember to give thanks to God this week since that is the point of Thanksgiving anyway. He gave us life and truth, grace and mercy and so much more. I am thankful for many things from God’s grace to my family and friends, my church and the fact that I am better than I deserve.


Godspeed and thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson