Tuesday Night Tunes – Pink…

No, not Pink Floyd. Pink.


My friend Riff introduced me to this song at his funeral. He had this played at the service. I am sure he liked it but that was a part of him I did not know well. I fully expected Pink Floyd but not Pink. Knowing Riff I suspect the idea of Try was the appeal to him on this one. To get up and do it again even if it hurts. I know he did that.


I have had to say goodbye (for now) to a good friend. Riff Weaver left us last week and we will miss him. I met Riff about a dozen years ago in a small group from church. He is one of those people that is bigger than life in a small package.


He is about 5 and a half feet tall and filled a room when he came in. I got to see him and his wife Jean about every week at church as they manned Door 6 upstairs at 12Stone Church. He always had a funny T shirt on and just made me laugh when I stopped to talk to him.


We got to ‘do church’ together for many years in and out of small groups and I know he loved his family and friends. I think Riff would do anything in his power to help if you needed  him. He was just that sort of man.


Merry ChristmasCreative Commons License

Nana B Agyei via Compfight


I have a vivid memory of him in an elf suit at our small group Christmas party and sometimes I wished I could get that image out of my head. Now I am looking forward to seeing him when I get to Heaven and he is there to greet me. Even in an elf suit.


Pray for Jean and the family that Riff left behind. He will be missed by all of us but not as much as he will be missed by his family. God Bless you Riff and all you have meant to us. We’ll see you again and you can show us around to all the great places Heaven holds for us.


Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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