Tuesday Night Tunes – Roadkill Ghost Choir

Found these guys serendipitously in my inbox. I get emails from and they were one of the featured groups. You can download their music if you want for free. They ask for a ‘tip’ if you like it so give and enjoy.

Love the animation stuff in the video and the song is a bit haunting in sound. Which of you guys have not daydreamed about hopping a freight train and traveling the countryside? I used to hear that whistle of the train and wonder where it was headed.

Trains still have a place in my soul. I get to eat at Rico’s World Kitchen sometimes and it is right next to the tracks in Buford. Love sitting on the patio and hearing that train roll by. I’ve seen it go by empty and more recently noticed it is loaded with building materials, coal, cars and much more. I guess it’s getting better but we still have a long way to go.

I got to ride a train to Charlotte, NC a while back to fetch my motorcycle. I packed a bag, grabbed the jacket and helmet and rode up there from Gainesville, GA. I rode the bike back on the back roads and especially enjoyed ‘War Woman Road’ into Clayton, GA.

I guess my motorcycle takes me some of those places the train might go. I’ve been to Muldrow, OK, Toad Suck, AR, and Olive Branch, MS. Back road towns that take a while to get to. I’ve spent 14 hours riding from Orlando, FL to Lawrenceville, GA in one day covering 740 miles just to get home without traveling on a freeway. Freeways are too restrictive. Speed limits, white lines and all. I did not know exactly where I was most of the day but I knew where the sun was and where home was and I finally made it. One of the best trips ever.

The difference between an old biker and a young biker is simple. A young biker picks a destination; an old biker picks a direction. We learn it is really the journey that matters and the people you meet along the way. There is nothing better than sharing a coke with someone you meet on the road. We connect by chance (if you believe in chance) and we get to share stories. Good stories and bad stories.

One day on a ride up from Forest Park, GA I was on the bike traveling the fast lane and I was going fast. I noticed a woman on the side of the road with a flat tire and two little kids. That voice that I sometimes attribute to God said ‘go help’. I whined and made excuses for an exit or two but in the end I turned the bike around and went to help.

When I got there she was gone. No car, no woman, no kids. So I got back in the fast lane and went fast. At least until I got to Jimmy Carter Blvd. We slowed to a stop and I was rolling along slowly and another biker pulled up along side. He began to say things like ‘am I glad to see you’ and to share how he was just about run over by a car. His bike had gone down, bent up his mirror and pegs and he just needed someone to talk to. Funny how ‘chance’ had put me right there at that time. God is good. Love those chance meetings.

If you could hop a train, where would you go?

Any dreams you want to share? What stories would you tell?

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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