Tuesday Night Tunes – Charleston Edition

Susan and I just got back from Charleston, SC. It was a spontaneous trip with zero planning beyond having a place to sleep. I’ll tell you more about it after the break.

My son, Stephen told me about Iron and Wine and I did a search on YouTube. Found this solo version of the full band stuff from Sam Beam. Love Tiny Desk series concerts from NPR.

Warning, this one has a little language that you might not want to play at full volume at work or with the kids.

When we got to Charleston it was late Friday night and all we really did was crash at the hotel. We stayed at the Palms Oceanfront Hotel. Great place and I have to say the staff was ready to have a little fun.

We arrived at the front desk and the person behind it did a little looking on the screen and looked up an said ‘we don’t have your reservation’. Now I have played this game having traveled about 25 years for a living and I knew I had my confirmation number. As I was getting at it on my phone she smiled and said ‘just kidding’. Funny but I got even.

The next night I walked in and in an urgent voice said there was water coming in from the ceiling in the bathroom. At first she did not seem to understand so I upped it and said more urgently ‘it’s a lot a water!!’ and that got her attention. She asked me the room number as she reached for the phone and I said ‘just kidding’ and smiled. She appreciated the joke and we had a great laugh.

The area is sort of shut down for the season but it was still beautiful there. Cold. Like 30 degrees cold on Saturday so we moved from one heated space to another (after a brisk walk at sunrise on the beach) and had some really good food. Its fun to spend time with Susan. Just Susan after all those years with the kids.

My boys used to complain how I ALWAYS took her side in any discussion we had. I told them ‘You’re going to leave someday and I get live with her the rest of our lives.”

That decision is paying off now 🙂

On Sunday we went to New Spring Church in North Charleston. That is where Stephen goes (at the Anderson, SC campus). Great message and a really nice church. Perry Noble is the primary speaker and he does a great job getting his point across. It felt a bit like our home church 12Stone. Glad to know there are lots of churches sharing the truth of the Gospel.

After that it was more food, shopping in the market at the center of town and an early evening because it was still cold.

Monday was our last day and Susan wanted to walk the bridge. The Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. She did a 10K last year that included walking over this bridge and she wanted to do it again. Great view and the weather finally cooperated with about 65 degrees. Stiff wind but it was ok at that temp and with the walking required to get to the top.

After that we headed back to a The Vickery for lunch. Food was good but the service was not great. Susan had order a Tangerine Dream with great expectation and was disappointed. When the server said she had never gotten any complaints before about the drink I suggested maybe it was Susan’s taste that mattered and got further arguments. I decided to leave her two tips. One reasonable monetary one and one saying the customer might be right.

Just sayin’.

Overall it was a great trip to Charleston (my first) and I am anxious to go back.

Any of you have suggestions for places to see or food to eat when we go back??

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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