To Dream Again…

Can you help? I was told yesterday that help is needed. Human trafficking is rampant in Atlanta. There is someone that is helping and they need your help to do the work they are called to.

Human trafficking is atrocious. There is more info at if you want to dig in and learn more.

The ask here is for a home.

There are women, boys and girls who need a place to call home to recover from this terrible existence. Can you help? They are looking for homes for them when they come out of this bondage. Safe places to stay, recover and to build a dream again.  Their dreams have been stolen but they can be found once again.

There is an opportunity if you have a place for them to call home. We are looking for houses in the area to let them come to and recover before moving on to more permanent location. If you have a house in the Gwinnett County area (we can look at closer to Atlanta too) and are willing to offer them rent free for a year or more we need to talk.

They run a 24/7 hotline with volunteers trained to answer rescue calls. Those volunteers will then activate responders who are trained to make contact with and offer rescue to trafficking victims. Victims will be offered a safe place to stay until they can transition to appropriate restorative services.

There will be full time supervision and they will cover their own expenses but we are in need of more space because the need is great and we have exceeded the capacity of what we have now.

If you have questions or want to talk further please call me and I’ll connect you to the right folks.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson


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