Tuesday Night Tunes – We’ll miss you, Pete.

Pete Seeger died yesterday. My first memory of Pete that I can think of is a Christmas album that we had a cassette tape of. Not sure if I still have it but I found the whole thing on Google Music. Gotta love that.

Here is a small clip I found on YouTube of one cut from that album.

Pete has a huge history in his 94 years on this planet. I read that he was chopping wood just a week ago so I am hoping my goal of riding my motorcycle to my 100th birthday has a chance.

Hearing we have lost Pete got me to thinking about who there is to take his place. Well, I guess no one can take his place but there are more places to fill.

I also heard today that Charlie Peacock won a Grammy with his work on The CIvil Wars. Love Peacock and he tells a great story the way Pete did. There are lots of artists that tell a story. Green River Ordinance, Alexi Murdoch, Iron and Wine and lots of others.

I am learning to love the variety as I dig into this new love of music. I am headed to a house concert on Saturday to hear someone new to me. Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin are playing in Lilburn and I have a ticket. I’m excited to tell you that this is a beginning to something I have wanted to do for some time. House concerts are intriguing to me and I hope to be hosting at least one this year.

The idea of a house concert is to invite some friends over, have them bring a covered dish and pay a nominal cover charge to the artist and we get a private, intimate experience with the artist.

I have some ideas and work to explore but stay tuned for more info. Here are a couple of videos to give you a taste of what I expect on Saturday.

There will be more next week on the experience but trust me when I say I can hardly wait. Gonna be a great evening.

Hope you all made it home and are safe and warm. We had one of those unusual storms in Georgia that involved snow. I hear one of my son’s had to park his car and walk two miles but he’s home.

Here is what I’m looking at right now as I listen to this music.




Have a great evening and enjoy the snow day tomorrow.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson