Tuesday Night Tunes – Zero martini lunch

I know, that does not sound like much fun but trust me, it was.

I am hunkered down for the second winter storm of the year here in Atlanta. The first was a doozy with people stranded in their cars on the freeway for hours, some overnight. This one could be even more snow and some ice but we’ll have to wait and see.

The good news is that the city has taken steps to make sure we don’t get stranded and all the schools are closed in preparation. All that to say I decided to venture out before the worst of it and meet with Art Bowman of The Bowman House Concert Series for lunch. Sort of a recap of my experience at the concert a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, check here.

Before I go further let me share the song for the night. I was introduced to Laura Monk and High Cotton today. There will be a bit more at the end but check out this song.

Anyway, I met Art at Oyster Bay in Lawrenceville and had a great lunch that stretched on 3 hours before I even realized it. Coffee, salad and great conversation. I have lots of questions about house concerts and Art is gracious to do his best to answer them. We agreed at the end of it we could probably go another 3 hours but really had to get back in for the upcoming storm.

We talked about the things needed to do a great house concert. We talked about the things to avoid and how to deal with all the details. Things like parking in a neighborhood where a bunch of cars can be a problem. The answer? Invite everyone in the neighborhood to come. Simple solution to a tough problem. I love it.

I know a dumb man doesn’t learn from his mistakes. I know a smart man does but a wise man learns from others mistakes. I pray for wisdom <grin>.

I am working on the details and I will be picking a date soon to host my first concert so stay tuned to see that info. I have to work on chairs, sound, parking, advertising, music and much more. I know it’s lots of work but it sounds like so much fun.

One thing Art came up with was my logo for the new concert series. This is not the final version by any means but here is the concept. Imagine a neon sign. Like the old neon signs with some letters flickering out.



I was able to do a little image hacking and this is what I came up with. Like I said, it ain’t done but this is kinda cool even if I have to say so myself. Get it?? Real Caffeine Concert Series? I loved it!!

But the day was not over.

When I got back I found a really nice comment from Laura Monk and High Cotton waiting in my inbox. She had responded to the blog article from my concert experience and I just had to call her. Just got off the phone with her.

We talked about her experience as an entertainer and musician playing concerts and how it works for them. Really nice to hear her side of the equation on the day I am working on the details and thinking about how we go forward.

Now I don’t believe in coincidence. I think God is in charge and a coincidence is just when He decides to remain anonymous. He connected me to Laura and I just think it’s cool how that happens on the day I spend 3 hours talking about concerts.

Anyway, back to the video above. It was filmed at the Foxfire Museum and it is near a place I love to go on the motorcycle. One of my favorite hangouts is the top of Black Rock Mountain but that’s a story for another day.

Stay warm, safe and inside if you can tomorrow. Ought to be a quiet day with a fire in the fireplace and chicken tamale casserole to share with Susan.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Tunes – Zero martini lunch

  1. Laura Monk

    Wow! Thanks for the honor and the wonderful words. Looking forward to the first Realty Caffeine event. Love the logo! A treat to meet you on the phone yesterday…and many, many thanks for sharing this story and our music! Stay safe and warm!

  2. Jerry Robertson Post author

    Real Estate is my business and sometimes it is far away from reality. Who is this? Love to have a conversation but would like to know who I’m talking to. Jerry.