Tuesday Night Tunes – Silence

Finding music is a bit serendipitous for me. I don’t really have a target when I start looking for new things and sometimes it finds me even when I’m not looking. That’s what happened tonight.

I guess it’s safe to say I am always looking but sometimes I don’t see. It is just outside my cone of vision.

Susan and I were driving a few minutes ago and she said ‘there’s a pear tree in bloom’, talking about a Bradford Pear. They are beautiful this time of year.

I didn’t see it.

It was not in the road and that is what I must have been focused on. I find I do that a lot. I miss seeing people in cars who say they saw me and I didn’t wave. I probably saw the car (or I would have hit it) but I didn’t see who was driving. Focus and cone of vision.

Take note, I am not ignoring you but I am working to make sure I don’t hit your car. Please don’t be mad if I don’t wave. I probably didn’t see you either.

The music tonight is someone I have never heard of before this morning. Ásgeir. I subscribe to NoiseTrade and they send me things they think I would like. Sometimes I don’t have time to check it out but today I did. I found this when I looked on YouTube for them. Check it out.

They are releasing a new album called ‘In the Silence’ and I am going to get it too. I didn’t find that yet on YouTube or Google All Play but I am sure it will be up soon. It does appear to be on Spotify. Release date is today so hang in there. I liked his sound and I can see why he is so popular in Iceland where about 10% of the 324,000 people have gotten the song.

I found this version of a very popular song on Silence. Enjoy this one until the new one hits.

That brings me to a thought we discussed last night in our small group from 12Stone Church. I lead a group of about 15 souls right now and we talked about how to spend time with God. My path tends to be twofold. I can relate to Him in nature (top of a tree stand or in a pine forest) or in silence just about anywhere. When I shared that with the group some expressed they find Him in music too. For me I guess I have to say I can relate to Him in music and I get that but it seems to drown out His voice when I really want to focus on Him.

I don’t intend to let this go too deep but I would love to hear your experience in connecting to God. Do you find music a pathway? Can it lead to worship (it does for me) but then do you find it limiting the depth you can go? Limiting it by the depth the artist takes you rather than the depth God can take you?

Silence has it’s own problems. It allows space for the screeching monkeys (random thoughts, mental interruptions, etc) and they have to be dealt with. I write down the thought and store it until I can get to it. I wait until the silence overwhelms the monkeys. It always does if I give it enough time but I need silence to get deeper.

How about you? Any thoughts? Share them in your comments and we’ll have a discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Tunes – Silence

  1. Laura Monk

    This is a good find….music is definitely a path to God for me. Never limiting always deepening…whether I am playing the music, singing, or just listening it fills me heart and soul and connects me to the power and guidance of God…..

  2. Mike Farrington

    For me, music shares both a story and a perspective. Worship music relates to me an artist’s perspective about God’s story for our lives. Similar to scripture reading, I find God-focused music tunes my focus, and right-sizes those darned monkeys. That’s when silence has the opportunity to express its voice. Thanks for letting me share.