Tuesday Night Tunes – I love things …

I am a guy. No surprise to anyone but I think that says a lot about my love of things. I don’t love things like I love Susan but I have ALWAYS been fascinated with things. As a kid I remember taking apart an old telephone of my dad’s just to see what was inside. (no, he was not happy about it).

I remember trying to make coins from lead, a hot plate and a cast iron skillet. Yes, I melted lead in my basement and poured it into molds I made from coins. No, they did not work at the store or anywhere else. Is it called counterfeiting if you make coins instead of paper money? What exactly is the statue of limitations on counterfeiting?

I remember building a fort from scrap lumber (well, it wasn’t scrap until I got done with it) and using it all one summer as a hang out with my brothers.

I remember asking my dad if I could have the old TV he had just replaced if I could fix it. He said yes but was surprised when I got it working and used it in my room for about a year. I think he was remembering the telephone. I never did fix that.

I have always been fascinated with things. Making things, fixing things and just enjoying them. I have been marinating on this idea for a week but today my friend Art Bowman send me something that just triggered this article and I had to get it out of my head.

Art has a facebook page at Bowman House Concerts that has the rest of the story about Vince Pawless and his guitars. It seems that it’s Vince’s hands that are featured in the ad above. He is making the guitars.

Doing a little research on that yielded this clip.

Last night I watched an episode of Legendary Motorcars on Velocity channel. It was about going to the race track to sell a car but they got to hang out at the start line of some funny cars. I laughed along with them as the cars lit up and raced down the track.

I did a little more digging and found another clip. I am sorry if this is not music to your ears but it is to mine. I love the fact that you have no commentary on this. It is just the video of the day, sliced down so you get to see and hear how it went from the track all day in less than a 10 minute video.

It just makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud when I hear that sound, smell the fuel. and feel the rumble deep in my chest.

Music can do that for me too. I am wired to be pretty emotional with music so it gets in there down deep sometimes. There are a few things that get me going like that and I got to wondering why. Why am I so fascinated with this stuff?

I think God put the desire to create in us and we love to do and see the results. We get to enjoy his creation and it inspires us to create. We are all capable of art. It can be in how we build things, sing, play music, paint, speak, engineer, sell, serve and anything else you love to do.

It can also be corrupted if we start hoarding things. When the thing itself becomes more important than the people involved it becomes something ugly. I guess I think about it as something that we get to do for a time and then it’s over. We get to enjoy a collection for a time and then we get to see to go to someone else to enjoy. Maybe we get to do our art just so others can enjoy it.

We get to share what we can do with the rest of the world. We get to create our own story and then share it with all the other stories that are being created. I am amazed in how things interconnect every day in my life to others. How our stories connect and make something amazing.

There are things that ONLY you can do and if you don’t do them then we all miss out. Like Vince making custom guitars or someone restoring a classic car, or someone else building something amazing. We all add to life and I for one am anxious to see what you will do.

OK. so if you hung in there here is a short video of someone who celebrates some of the best guitar riffs of all time. 100 riffs in one sitting. A history of Rock and Roll in about 3 bars each. Love it.

If you want to share what you are creating please leave a comment and I’ll share it with everyone here.

What do you dream of or what do you really want?

I would love to hear.

Thanks for listening,

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