Slow down and look up

Life runs at a frenzied pace. We are distracted by technology and it cripples us as we attempt to connect. I found this video today and I am going to suggest you watch it and then turn off your computer. Actually, you’ll probably want to turn it off.

I will confess I have a lot of this problem but some things I have done to help me focus in the moment. My phone and computer do not notify me when I get an email. I can get 100+ emails in a day and the idea of each one being an interruption is frightening. If you have to reach me urgently then call me or text me. It does get through better but even then I sometimes have to delay the connection in favor of the person I am with or the situation I am in.

Driving for me is a pleasure in the El Camino but it is louder in the cabin of that cruck (car/truck) and talking on the phone is a distraction I mostly don’t want while I’m driving. I think it’s safer for me and those around me if I am not trying to split my attention between a phone call and the traffic in Atlanta. Just saying. Leave a message. I’ll call you back. If you text me I might see it while on the road and it can give me a chance to prepare to call you back if I know what you need.

One more thing I heard over the weekend was from a guy that sings and plays keyboard at our church. He was in the lobby and I walked up into a conversation. He said “Music slows us down. It gets us to thinking and allows God to speak to us in that moment”. I may not have gotten that exactly right but that was the thought. Music slows us down. Maybe I’ll work on that thought for Tuesday Night Tunes.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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