He has to go!

This is my new bike. Well, new to me. It’s a 1983 Goldwing. It just fits me better than my other bike so HE is for sale.








Most of the time folks call cars and motorcycles ‘she’ but this is definitely a HE. His name is Max and I bought him a few months ago. I found it is not my style but that doesn’t mean it would not be a great bike for someone.

Here is what my friend Mike had to say about him “Jerry is a good friend of mine and graciously let me borrow this bike on 5/13. I road in NoGa up 129 and through Suches, Brasstown Bald, and Helen. This XJ is very responsive and excellently balanced. I was able to corner significantly tighter than with my XS.

I actually planned on purchasing this bike from Jerry, but I already have 2 bikes, and I decided I can’t part with my XS. Someone, however, needs to snatch this XJ and ride it like crazy. It’s hungry for asphalt.”


You can check out the ad on craigslist by going to for more pics and details.

I am asking $2500 but if you mention the blog we’ll work out a great deal and put you on the road.

Leave me a comment or call me if you’re interested.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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