Tuesday Night Tunes – Wednesday Morning Edition

Last night I hosted a meeting about the 10th Annual Golf Classic at Chateau Elan for Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett and did not get my usual time slot to write for the blog. I know when that happens I get calls about it and some of you miss it. I don’t want that to happen today AND I need to write, so here we are. Email is off, phone is on silent and I am in writing mode. Let’s see what comes out.  I will be sharing more about the golf in a couple of days so come back and check that out if you want more info.

I got this in my email yesterday about Green River Ordinance and thought I would share some more from that group. I was over to a friends house a couple of weeks ago and playing on the TV was their playlist of favorites. I heard these guys in the midst of that and it was cool. Cool that I was able to share that with my friends and cool that the band gets a little more exposure. They really are good.

This one is called Flying and the words are about a simple song. The visuals are good too but the words tell a story about getting lost in the music. I once heard a musician tell me that the music slows us down. It makes us focus and we get to experience life at a different pace.

This one is Dancing Shoes and it is about life after work. Looking ahead to being with someone you care about and just sharing a dance. A different pace.

We all spend time at a fast pace. At work, at church, with the kids. Running at what feels like a frantic pace. Summer time is a bit slower for many. My wife Susan is off for the summer. She spends the school year working with special needs kids and love where she works and who she works with but summer is her favorite. I just sent her off to a bible study with 3 of her friends. Time with her friends doing something she loves. A slower pace.

My pace in the summer is a bit faster. Many are looking to sell their home and looking to buy a new one. The market is much better. Most are no longer underwater and they have been in the same house too long but it’s brief times like right now where I get to unplug for a few minutes. To start a playlist of Green River Ordinance and slow down before my day gets going really fast. A good mix of life.

What do you do to slow down? Is there something you have planned to slow down for a while? Share with me with your comments and give us some ideas. Sometimes an idea changes everything but they don’t come easily if we are busy, running from one thing to another.

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